Welcome to Healthy Habits Personal Training.

The accent is on PERSONAL.  I value each person with their own unique abilities and skills.  I specialize in people who haven’t exercised in a long time, or maybe never.  I take the time to teach and explain what each exercise is and why we do them.

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Meet the Trainer

Hi, I am Lynda Loomis. For 40 years I’ve taken fitness classes and studied books and magazines, I researched the internet for ways to be healthy and fit, I have seen fads come and go and I have seen the tried and true resistance training survive the test of years.

I completed the NASM Personal Training Certification course in February of 2013 and immediately got an 18 week internship with Infinity Fitness in Lansing, Michigan. I stayed with Infinity for over a year until they went out of business. I then decided to go out on my own and create HHPT.

I have also obtained a certification in Sports Nutrition and a second Personal Training Certification through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and a Corrective Exercise Certification from NASM.

To better serve my clients I completed the Group Fitness Instructor Certification from ACE

I will continue to study and learn new and better techniques to help my clients get fit and stay strong.