Balancing Life with Health and Fitness

Most people wander blindly through life without a conscious thought of health and fitness. We have daily habits that promote heath that have become something that we just do, like brushing our teeth, taking showers and washing our hands. For example, brushing your teeth isn’t just for keeping your breath fresh or your teeth looking nice. Keeping your teeth clean promotes heath by removing harmful bacteria that can not only damage your teeth but also invade the rest of your body and cause disease. Taking showers isn’t only for smelling nice, (though that is a bonus), but showering regularly removes bacteria and other toxins that can build up and cause disease. The same thing is true with washing your hands after using the rest room or before you eat, we do that as a habit but it is really to avoid ingesting harmful bacteria.
So why is it that some other very simple habits that could make a big difference in a person’s health and fitness are so difficult to incorporate? Like drinking enough water, eating enough fiber or avoiding too much sugar.
Making a habit of drinking 6 to 8 8 ounce glasses of water per day can help to regulate your body temperature, flushes your body of toxic wastes and keeps every part of your body working properly. Does drinking water increase your trips to the rest room? Probably, but that is a good thing to flush out unwanted wastes and keep your digestion tract healthy. Some of your water intake can come from foods or other types of drinks, but avoiding sugary drinks (or chemical laden diet drinks) is recommended.
Most people only ingest half of the recommended fiber each day. Women need 25 grams of fiber per day, and men need 38 grams of fiber per day. Choosing fiber rich foods to include in your diet each day should be just a habit and not take a lot of thought. Simply choose more natural/non processed foods, especially plant foods like vegetables, beans, fruit, whole grams and nuts. A sudden change in diet to high fiber can cause some distress in your digestion tract, so incorporate higher fiber choices gradually into your diet, and your body will adjust.
Your body’s primary energy source is sugar, so why do we need to avoid eating too much? More is better right? Wrong. Eating too much sugar can cause your body to store the excess as fat, and a good majority of this fat is stored in your liver. Too much fat can cause obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular (heart) disease. For those sugar cravings, once again, if you choose more natural/non-processed foods like fruits and dairy, you get all the sugar your body needs, along with the appropriate nutrients and fiber to assist in processing the sugar in these foods.
In conclusion, incorporating just a few more simple habits into your daily life can make a large difference in how you feel and look. Healthy habits lead to a healthy body.

Why does someone need a personal trainer?

Personal training can be a great way to form healthy habits. There are many advantages to one-on-one training:

Meeting with a trainer once or twice a week gives you the accountability, motivation and encouragement that most people lack in group fitness.

At Healthy Habits PT you will get a personalized fitness program designed for your goals and your limitations, I will teach you the proper form and technique for exercises chosen specifically for you.

I can help you plan a nutritious diet that does not follow the latest fad but helps you develop healthy eating habits that you can share with your family and feel healthy and energized.

Meeting with a trainer can lead you to new challenges and working together you can achieve the toning, strengthening and energy you never thought you could achieve.

Lastly, but definitely not least, one-on-one training can give you the consistency and the knowledge you need to develop healthy habits that you can use for lifestyle changes and success.